Breaking Silence will have you losing track of time!

Chief Kate Burkholder receives a call. It appears that there are three bodies out on the Slabaugh farm. At first it seems an unfortunate accident that Mr. Slabaugh, his wife and his brother fell into the manure pit and died of lack of oxygen. Though, after the autopsy report is finished, it seems that the Slabaugh’s deaths were the result of foul play. Luckily for Kate, she will not be alone when she solves this triple murder. She is joined by her lover, FBI agent John Tomasetti.

Breaking Silence if book three in author, Linda Castillo’s Amish mystery series. I really enjoy this series. Chief Kate Burkholder is great at her job. She has this mixture of being personable and hard headed, that just makes me like her all the more. It was great to see John again. He and Kate are good together. Though, they did not spend much time together romantically. There is just something about Amish country and the people there that really help to add to the suspense of this series. Maybe it is because they don’t like outsiders and they can keep the silence. Kate being half an outsider and Amish makes for a fun character. Breaking Silence will have you losing track of time!


Unknown said…
Sounds good. I like amish related stories.

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