More Than Words

In Compassion Can’t Wait, author Carly Phillips writes about Julia Caldwell. Julia is a social worker for Caridad del Cobre. She works with Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation. Currently Julia is dealing with one particular family. The Cortez family. There are two twin boys and one of them has cancer. Julia wants to do someone for Michael, the twin who is healthy. Michael is into baseball. Julia has just the mentor for Michael.

The last time Kyle Hansen saw Julia, she broke his heart. Though, Kyle would do anything for Julia. Will these two sweethearts find their second chance at love?

In Donna Hill’s Someplace Like Home, Verna Scott runs Someplace Like Home. It is a facility that youth can come to get help, food, and shelter. While at a press conference, Verna is approached by Ronald Morris. Ronald is a guidance counselor. These two are dedicated to their work. The more time that they spend together, the hotter things start to heat up between them.

Finally in Jill Shalvis’s What the Heart Wants, Ellie Cahn is a teacher. She also helps teenage girls through Powerful and In Charge, a nonprofit program. While driving along, Elle’s care breaks down. As luck would have it, a old friend, Jack Buchanan shows up and helps Elle. Elle and Jack reconnect. Only this time they will become more than just friends.

More Than Words: Volume 7 features three brand new stories form some of your favorite authors, Carly Phillips, Donna Hill, and Jill Shalvis. As an added bonus you can read two additional stories from authors, Pamela Morsi and Meryl Sawyer at

What I like most about these books is that the stories are inspired by real life heroes that have created foundations or other charitable companies that give back to not only their communities but other sin need as well. While, I did like all the stories, I did not have a favorite. They were all alright. Though, there was something about Kyle and Julia that made me fall for them. It might have been the lost love thing. Verna and Ronald had some sparks. I did like Elle and Jack’s story, though there as some mention of violence in this story. It did not happen to Elle but to one of the guys that Elle was helping. It was great getting to learn about all the different charities and women. Valerie, Nancy, Victoria and Sasha do a nice thing for others in need.


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