I made a deal with the Devil and it all starts with Devil Without a Cause.

Faith McFarland has a little son named Noah. Noah has been diagnosed with cancer. While in the hospital chapel, Faith is approached by the last person she would ever expect. It is the Devil. The Devil wants to make a deal with Faith. If Faith will retrieve an item for him than the Devil will cure Noah. This is too good a deal for Faith to pass up. She agrees.

Long ago, rocker, Finn Payne made a deal with the Devil for his soul. Now the only thing keeping the Devil from taking Finn is a ring that he wears. Faith had every intention of taking the ring from Finn but that was before she got to know the real Finn. Now, these two much try to bargain with the Devil.

I have not read anything by author, Terri Garey. After literally devouring this book, I will be check out more of more of Terri Garey’s books. Devil Without a Cause is book one in the Devil’s Bargain series. While the music was good, Finn and Faith were even better together. They rocked and are meant for each other. Even their first name’s both start with the letter “F”. In the beginning it may not have been destiny that brought these two together but in the end destiny is what would keep them inseparable. The Devil in this book is 99% evil and 1% good. I hope to get to know more about the Devil’s love interest Nicki. I made a deal with the Devil and it all starts with Devil Without a Cause. This book is sinfully delightful!


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