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BOOK TOUR: A Unicorn Named Rin

  Story by Crystal Z. Lee Illustrations by Li Liu Synopsis: The royal phoenix is missing from the Tang dynasty palace! Princess Pingyang is worried. Can Rin the unicorn find Fan the phoenix? Together with her friends—dragon, tiger, and tortoise—Rin embarks on a journey to mystical lands in China. Along the way, Rin discovers the value of teamwork and the warmth of friendship. A Unicorn Named Rin celebrates the wonder and beauty of Chinese history and culture. This exquisitely illustrated picture book makes an ideal read for children 3-8 years old: - Easy-to-read vocabulary enables confidence in early readers - Whimsical illustrations encourage imagination in all unicorn lovers - Storyline fosters dialogue around collaboration, empathy, and kindness - Real locations in China make for an inspiring geography, history and cultural exploration adventure   My Review This is such a cute book. I know that my niece will have a fun time reading this book as well. She is five and at the point of

Elanora and the Salt Marsh Mystery + Giveaway

  Will Elanora persuade the colony and swimmers to overcome their fear of the unknown and embark on a dangerous journey to their new home? By Kathleen Jae Title : ELANORA AND THE SALT MARSH MYSTERY Author : Kathleen Jae Publisher : Twenty Paws Publishing Pages : 213 Genre : Middle Grade Fiction After a series of terrifying events, Elanora is transported to a strange neighborhood where the only way to get about is by water and the only food to eat is the grasses of the marsh. When she discovers that the water level in her new home is falling, she suspects humans are the cause and puts together a plan to save the creatures who live there. Will Elanora persuade the colony and swimmers to overcome their fear of the unknown and embark on a dangerous journey to their new home? My Review This is a cute, fun book to read. Young readers will enjoy spending time getting to know Elanora and the rest of the critters like Akira, Tam, and Beathas to name a few.  I know that I sure had an enjoyable t

Picnic in Someday Valley

  New York Times  bestselling author Jodi Thomas continues her charming and heartwarming series set in Honey Creek, Texas, a little town nestled in the rolling hills bordering the Brazos River, where friendship and love are always close at hand, ties run deep, and lives intersect in unexpected ways...Filled with Jodi's characteristic warmth, endearing characters, and authentic Texan flair, this story about a quiet cowboy and the local outcast adds layers of complexity and pathos to the continuing saga of this little town. Marcie Latimer longs to run away from Someday Valley--especially since her ex-boyfriend spun a web of lies that almost led to tragedy in neighboring Honey Creek. Little wonder so many locals have turned their backs on her. But not Brand Rodgers. The quiet cowboy comes to listen every time she sings at Bandit's Bar, offering a glimpse of safety and calm that Marcie's rarely known. After Texas Ranger Colby McBride saved Honey Creek's mayor, Piper Mackenz

Anders Reality

  What if for some when they sleep, they don’t simply dream, but fall into a whole other world? For the past six months, Ander has been having nightmarish daydreams where horrific creatures are trying to kill him and his only reprieve are his dreamless nights.That is until his 14th birthday. Shortly after drifting off to sleep, he feels like he’s falling and lands in an abandoned looking world. Ander comes to learn he is from a select line of people called Dreamers. A gift inherited from a parent with the charge of protecting this world called Luceria. The once beautiful and magical world is in danger from a fellow Dreamer and the army he has created. Going by the name of The Taker, he will stop at nothing to find the key which he believes will unlock Luceria's magic and allow him to take over and rule the land. Can Ander find the key first and stop The Taker? Will he have the strength to embrace who he is meant to be and become the one to save Luceria? Anders Reality is the first

Birth and Other Surprises

  Birth and Other Surprises is a memoir of childhood in the seventies (no seat belts, no bike helmets, lots of eating paste) and early parenting adventures (no privacy, no clue, lots of eating what's left on the plate) by INDIE Book of the Year Finalist for Humor Kimberly Davis Basso. Both a follow up and a prequel for fans of I'm a Little Brain Dead, it's written in the same brutally hilarious style and will ignite book club discussions all over again. Early parenting lessons from a child of the seventies - because you have to remember what it's like to be a child, in order to raise a child. Why, yes, there is a chapter on Epidurals, Episiotomies and Enemas called E.e.e.k! and Kimberly did do all the research herself. You'll also get the Top Ten Questions she should have asked while pregnant and learn The Stupidest Thing We Ever Did, 1978 edition in addition to interactive portions of the book, like the Parenting Spirit Animals Quiz. 100% not scientific and yet sti

The Reclaimed Kingdom + Giveaway

The Reclaimed Kingdom by Dana Claire Publisher:  Chamberlain Publishing House (February 14, 2021) Category: Young Adult, Fantasy/Romance Tour dates: April 9-May 31, 2021 ISBN: 978-1792361357 Available in Print and ebook, 310 pages Description Reclaimed Kingdom by Dana Claire The Legend is true. The Fear is real.   Under the cruel ministrations of its Queen, the Kingdom of D’Land is in peril. With King Harrison away in foreign lands and neighboring Kingdoms unwilling to intervene, there is no one to protect the people from poverty, harsh punishment, and unreasonable rules of law – except for the Band of Brothers. Struggling with the death of her mother and the legendary Syphon powers she inherited, seventeen year old Dru wants nothing more than to escape her old life and join the motley crew of ruffians, pilfering from the rich to feed the poor and pay their taxes.  She’s able to do just that disguised as a lad, and even when her nature is discovered, nothing changes – except for the