Confessions of a Call Center Gal

Maddy decides to come visit her friend Karsynn in Pocatello, Idaho for a mini vacation. Since, she has nothing better to do, as she is unemployed. Just her lot, she and Kar end up getting jobs as Customer Service Representatives for Lightning Speed Communications. Maddy and Kar had to go through about six weeks of training. Before you knew it, they were ready to take phone calls. It was not long before Maddy started rethinking if the money was worth the headaches…the cussing callers, the constant need to want to stick her head in an oven, etc. The only bright spot was Mika. He was Maddy’s co-worker. Maddy had a crush on him.

My favorite moments were when Maddy was talking to customers and her diary entries. I could totally relate. I was a call center rep for five years. The irate callers, the urges to give up and wanting to throw your head into an oven, the required verification process that just seemed to make the caller that more upset and finally the “Not Ready Button”. If you remembered nothing else from training as a call center rep, you did remember this button and where it was located. The “Not Ready Button” says it all. If you were not ready to take another phone call just yet, you hit this button and it was your life line. You could take a moment to catch your breath before the next demanding caller. While, I did appreciate the author sharing the behind the look of what a call center rep’s day is like; on the other hand at times I felt that there was too much explanation. Also, I did not feel like the rest of the story line involving Maddy and Mika as strong as it could have been. They were suppose to have chemistry but it was like it was one sided with Maddy wanting more. Mika and Maddy did not hook up until about the last half of the book. Overall, if you are looking for some laughs than you should check out Confessions of a Call Center Gal.


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