The Bedtime book for Dogs is a cute, quick read. It is about a dog, it has no name but all you need to know is it is a good dog. Well this dog wanted to go for a walk but there was no one there to walk the dog. The dog decided to go for a walk himself. The dog played in the park and found interesting things like a squirrel but again there was no one there to share the news with. The dog realizes just how much he misses his owner and heads back home. His owner is there to greet him and tell the dog that he is good for coming home and gives the dog a treat. The End.

The illustrations were nicely done. They were bright and I like that the wall paper was dog bone themed. The squirrel’s reactions to the dog were funny. This book is meant for any dog…small or big. This is because the dog in this book has no name but it could be any dog. I give the Bedtime Book for Dogs three paws. (even his DOG has Twitter :))


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