Demons Prefer Blondes

When the Infernati attack, Rafe’s sister sending a special chest to Earth. Now it is up to Rafe to retrieve the chest before the Infernati find it and use it to control Earth. Rafe does not like Earth. Hopefully, he can find the chest and get back as soon as possible. One thing that Rafe did not count on was meeting Lucy.

Lucy’s friend, Serah brings a chest for Lucy to interpret. It is locked but there is writing on the chest. It is written in Latin. The writing mentions that only by the blood of a demon can the chest be opened and with the opening of the chest will arise a horde of demons. Shortly afterwards, Lucy meets Rafe. This is when the sparks fly.

If you are looking for something deliciously, tempting to read this summer, than you should pick up a copy of Demons Prefer Blondes. Though, I would rather the book be called…Demons Prefer Brunettes. Rafe is one sexy demon. He is eye candy. I have not met a hotter demon/succubus couple than Rafe and Lucy. One thing thought that I would have liked to see was the chemistry build up first between Rafe and Lucy. Right away, Rafe and Lucy were all over each other. Also, if I had to classify this book, I would call it more on the urban fantasy side than paranormal. It was a bit darker but not as dark as some urban fantasy novels.


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