Mr. Singer does it again.

Professor Kumari and his business partner, Rajat have developed a program that tons of business owners would kill for. In fact that is exactly what happens when a business meeting goes south, Kumari finds himself on the run and a wanted man.

Professional bail bondsman, Clark Shealy finds himself in a situation that he can not lose. Some really evil and desperate men have kidnapped Clark’s wife. Clark only has forty eight hours to track down and turn Kumari into the men. Just how much is another person’s life worth?

Attorney Jamie Brock uncovers some shocking surprises with her latest case.

Mr. Singer does it again. He brings the drama, powerful story line and good characters in False Witness. If you have never read a Randy Singer novel, you have lived under a rock as you don’t know what you are missing out on. This book starts out with a big bang…literally. To be honest, while I did enjoy reading this book, I found Clark’s story more interesting than when the story changed to Jamie at first. At the end, when everything was being tied together, I did become hooked again.


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