Double Trouble with Liv Bergen

A young college girl is found mutilated.

FBI Agent Streeter Pierce is assigned to the case. He is joined by Liv “Boots” Bergen. She knew the victim. He is also joined by Liv’s former classmate turned FBI profiler, Lisa Henry. As the three of them investigate the murder, they discover that they are dealing with a serial killer known as De Milo. The killer was nicked named this as it would seem that he was basing his murders around the artist artwork. The hunt is on to find the killer before one or all of them are the next subjects in De Milo’s piece.

In the Belly of Jonah is the first book I have read by author, Sandra Brannan. It is also the first Liv Bergen novel. These types of books are my favorite to read. I really was stumped as to who the identity of the serial killer was, until the end. I like FBI Agent Streeter. It is not this stuck up, ego type. He does not have to flaunt that he is FBI. He earns respect over time every where he goes. Liv may not be a FBI agent but she can still hold her own with the big dogs. I most admit that I was intrigued by the killer. He did not just tell for the adrenaline but for art. He was imitating art through his murders. I am not an art major but it was fun trying to figure out what artist the killer was copying. My absolute favorite thing about this book is that it takes place in Colorado. I am a Coloradoan and so are biases but feel that the mountains and Colorado make a good location for a mystery series. In the Belly of Jonah is a book not to be missed by suspense/ thriller fans!

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Liv Bergen is recovering after the incident with De Milo in The Belly of Jonah. Liv is taking some time visiting with her family. It is a very busy time. The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is taking place. When Liv’s brother’s girlfriend is found with her head bashed in, Liv’s brother is the number one suspect. Liv receives some help in the form of FBI Agent Streeter. He and Liv worked together before.

Lot’s Return to Sodom is the second Liv Bergen novel. It is not recommended that you start with In the Belly of Jonah. Though at the beginning there is a brief mention of the prior events that took place in the first book. Though, I have never attended Sturgis’s Motorcycle Rally, I am familiar with it. It was good to see Liv and Streeter again. Liv has become more assertive. I felt that Streeter took a little bit of a back seat in this book. I felt that this book was more of the traditional mystery novels. It had a killer had a purpose, it was not like the De Milo killer. I still liked this book a lot and can not wait to visit with Liv and Streeter again.


Marce said…
Stunning review, definitely want to read this one.

It has received great reviews.
Cheryl said…
Marce- hope you do check them out

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