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Spirit of the Fox

Amazon synopsis: She’s lost her mother and her memory. And if she fails to escape… she’ll lose herself. Meiko Wright wants nothing to do with the mother who abandoned her nine years ago. Spending a year in Tokyo, where her mother lives, won’t change that fact. But when she takes a nasty fall in a Shinto temple, she wakes with no memory of her mother… or anything of her past life. Without any idea who she is, she must rely on the kindness of a local priest who offers to help her as best he can. When the amnesiac Meiko wakes with a strange suspicion that something isn't right, she vows to escape from a bond she doesn't truly understand. After years apart, Meiko’s mother Chieko is determined to make up for lost time. But when her daughter mysteriously disappears, Chieko promises she won't lose her again. Along the trail of clues, the detectives working Meiko’s case discover a pair of suicides linked by a strange seductress and matching fox tattoos. Afraid her daug

Broken Windows + Giveaway

Broken Windows by Paul D. Marks October 30, 2018 Book Blast Synopsis: While the storm rages over California’s notorious 1994 anti-illegal alien Proposition 187, a young woman climbs to the top of the famous Hollywood sign—and jumps to her death. An undocumented day laborer is murdered. And a disbarred and desperate lawyer in Venice Beach places an ad in a local paper that says: “Will Do Anything For Money.” Private Detective Duke Rogers, and his very unPC partner, Jack Riggs, must figure out what ties together these seemingly unrelated incidents. Their mission catapults them through a labyrinth of murder, intrigue and corruption of church, state and business that hovers around the immigration debate. Along the way we explore the fiery immigration issue from all sides and no one escapes unscathed. Book Details: Genre: Mystery/Crime/Thriller Published by: Down & Out Books Publication Date: September 10th 2018 Number of Pages: 360 ISBN: 1948235072 (IS

The Cozy Corgy Series

The Cozy Corgy Series by Mildred Abbott Title: CRUEL CANDY (Book 1) Author: Mildred Abbott Publisher: Wings of Ink Publications LLC Pages: 282 Genre: Cozy Mystery BLURB: Estes Park, Colorado: picturesque mountains, charming shops, delightful bakeries, a cozy bookstore… and murder. Winifred Page and her corgi, Watson, move to Estes Park to hit the Reset button on life. Fred is about to open her dream bookshop, and the only challenges she anticipates are adjusting to small-town life, tourists, and living close to her loveable mother, Phyllis, and hippy stepfather, Barry. When Fred steps into her soon-to-be-bookshop for the first time, she expects dust bunnies and spiders… not the dead body in the upstairs kitchen. The local police have an easy suspect—Barry. Determined to prove quirky Barry innocent of murder, Fred puts on her detective hat, and with Watson by her side, she explores her new town and gets acquainted with her fellow sho

Big Bad Cowboy

In the New York Times tradition of Lori Wilde and Carolyn Brown comes the first book in a new western romance series from Forever debut author Carly Bloom about a no-strings cowboy fling with a fairy tale twist. Who's afraid of the big, bad cowboy? After one too many heartbreaks, Travis Blake hung up his cowboy hat and put Big Verde, Texas, behind him. But when he gets the call that his young nephew needs him, he knows he has to return home. His plan is to sell the family ranch and hightail it back to Austin, but there's a small problem: the one person who stands in his way is the one person he can't resist. Maggie is pretty sure she hates Travis Blake. He's irritating, he's destroying her business, and . . . and he's just so frickin' attractive. But when they're forced to work together, Maggie discovers that the Most Annoying Man in the World is more than he seems. He's sweet with his nephew, he helps out in the community, and he makes her hea

50 Ways to Love Wine More

A wine book unlike any other, 50 Ways to Love Wine More is the most creative approach to knowing and enjoying wine to hit the shelves in a very long time. No one combines fun with serious, or education with enjoyment like author Jim Laughren. His love and appreciation for wine shines through on every page. My Review I am a wine drinker but I would classify my knowledge of wine as "casual". Meaning, I like to drink a glass or two of wine every once in a while but I don't have much knowledge of the wine. In this book, Mr. Laughren really dives deep into sharing his knowledge as well as providing the reader many elements of a really great bottle of wine. For someone like me who has little knowledge, I found this book to be a wealth of knowledge as well as intriguing. It should be read as a study guide of sorts; instead of just powering through it from front cover to back cover. There is so much to learn about wine from the grapes to the geographic location

Alycat & the Friendship Friday Amazon Book Sale

Alycat and the Friendship Friday will be on sale for $1.99 today Saturday, Oct 27 only! Book Description: It’s finally Friday, and Alycat is excited to go on a field trip with her friends. But when she doesn’t have anyone to sit with on the bus, Alycat feels left out. Can she use her creativity and imagination to help everyone feel included? Alycat and the Friendship Friday will teach readers that making new friends isn’t as scary as you might think. Get your copy today: Amazon   Add to Goodreads Check out this original song from the newest Alycat book! Get your $1.99 eBook on Oct.27th. One Day Only!