We, Robots is worth your time to check out.

AV-1 “Avey” is sitting on the shelves at Wal-Mart, when a family purchases him. They take Avey home to help do housework. The family has a little girl named, Angelina. It isn’t long before Avey and Angelina become close friends. Can a robot and a human really co-exist?

This story is told by AV-1, a robot otherwise known as Avey. He tells everything in the first person. I thought this was a fun book. Though, the first chapter or two was too deep for me. The author really went into lots of detail explaining what singularity meant to a robot and the lingo of a robot. When I meant over my head, I really mean that I understood what was being said but I really wanted to get to the meat of the story. If you can hold on for a little bit until you get pass this part, than you will enjoy this book. I liked Avey. To me, whether Avey went through the procedure to feel or not, Avey was still human like to me. We, Robots is worth your time to check out.


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