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Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy Book Bliz

    Title:   Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy Author: Jermaine Gadson Genre: Spiritual Publisher: Crossbooks – Division of LifeWay (June 2014) ISBN:   9781462736362—Hard Cover ISBN: 9781462736355—Soft Cover ISBN: 9781462736348—eBook   Pre-order at: ABOUT THE BOOK: Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy by author Jermaine Gadson is a must have resource for believers who want to be well equipped to be victorious against the strategies of the devil. The devil is cunning and deceptive, and he will stop at nothing to keep God's people from reaching their potential in Christ. In this book, Pastor Gadson discusses how the enemy uses temptation, seduction, fear, isolation, guilt, shame, and other such things in order to steal and destroy a person's life. Satan works tirelessly through various means and mechanisms to keep sinners from hearing and bei