Dave Matthews Band – 20 Years on the Road

Review by Nancy
When you want someone to write a biography it’s handy to have a journalist as a groupie. Nikki Van Noy is just the person. She has followed DMB from 1996 to present and has tales to tell.

Dave Matthews was a virtually unknown bartender in Charlottesville in the 80’s when his playing started to gain attention. Dave had the charisma and the skills to pull together a group of musicians (some came and left, others came and stayed) into what would be known as Dave Matthews Band. He gathered LeRoi Moore who played until his death with Dave and drummer Carter Beauford who can “move his arms at the speed of light” while blowing bubble gum. Later joined by violinist extraordinaire Boyd Tinsley, DMB was on its way.

Back of all this were the fans. Van Noy’s book deals with the fans, the groupies, the backers of DMB and she tells her stories from her own perspective. However, I felt that something was missing…I like DMB and was anxious to get the book going but it was not what I expected at all. I was happy to learn of the history and the individuals that make up DMB but…..still something missing.


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