Eat Vegan on $4 a Day

I am a little familiar with the Vegan lifestyle but not enough to call myself an expert. So when I heard about Eat Vegan on $4 a Day, I thought this was a book worth checking out. I knew that Vegan’s did not eat any animal based foods but didn’t really understand why. I do now. Mrs. Jones explains that animal based foods have been linked to cancer. This is because of the hormones, pesticides and other toxic chemicals that are injected into the animal’s food. Than there is the shellfish. Of course another reason to incorporate a plant or organic based diet into your life is that we are all striving to be healthy and why not consider this as an alterative option?

I must admit that some of the advice that Mrs. Jones shared was not new information to me and this was a disappointment. I was hoping to learn some good tips. Like for example, I already knew that beans are high in protein and good for you and to shop around the outer perimeter of the grocery store, don’t shop with your stomach, and purchase store brands. These are just some of the top ten tips that Mrs. Jones shares but again the rest of the tips will be familiar to readers. It is just remembering to enforce the rules that will help you to save and eat healthier.

This book is short at about 140 pages. The first 28 of them are about why you should eat vegan and the types of foods that you should avoid or have more of. The rest of the book than is filled with lots of different recipes from breakfast, lunch, dinner and soups. I have not tried out any of the recipes yet but I think the first one I will try is the Sweet Potato Muffins and the Chocolate-Cherries Jubilee Smoothie to go with the Muffins.


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