Dr. Luke Findley works at St. Andrew Hospital in Maine. Dr, Findley’s night is about to get a whole lot more interesting. The authorities are bringing in murder suspect. It is a woman. When the woman arrives, she does not look like a murderer but you can never be too sure. The woman identifies herself as Lanore “Lanny” McIIvrae. Lanny asks Dr. Findley to let her go. She did not kill anyone or at least no one that didn’t want to die.

Lanny proceeds to tell Dr. Findley a story. One that is of love, obsession and sorrow. Dr. Findley becomes fascinated by Lanny’s story and knows that if he wants to her how it all ends than he will have to escape the hospital with Lanny. Thus the story begins.

If you are expecting a lot of paranormal elements that most vampire novels have than you will be disappointed. This story is told in a simplistic, old fashion tale way. There was not a lot of romance. If any, the romance was a bit one sided, I thought. Lanny’s lover may have said he loved her but he seemed like he would string her along. While, I did enjoy this book as it was refreshing from the same old, girl falls for vampire love story, it does move a little slow at times. The story mainly stays in the past and progresses to the present, which was the interesting part of the book as the times that involved Dr. Findley and Lanny were not that intriguing. Overall, I liked this book and thought author, Alma Katsu did a good job.


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