Who knows The Postmortal just may live on your bookshelf forever!

The year is 2090.

A worker for the Department of Containment was conducting a routine sweep of an abandoned collectivist compound, when the worker came upon a WEPS.8 device. These devices were thought to have all been destroyed in 2079. The device contains journal entries by a John Farrell. John worked for the government.

Flash back to 2019.

John has just seen a doctor about “the cure”. The cure though may cure you but you can still die from a car accident, a knife stabbing, or any other way. If you are careful, than you can live forever. This makes some people disturbed. Thus the political war between those who want to be cured and those who believe this is wrong.

This book may be fiction but it does ask the question…”What If?” This is what kept this book interesting is the “What If” factor. This book is broken out into four different sections that expands date spans from 2019 to 2079.

As I must admit that the characters did not do it for me. Even the narrator John Farrell. Mr. Magary was smart to write this book from John’s journal entries. There was some humor injected in this book. What I found funny was when John, who worked at a law firm was asked by one of his superior’s to learn everything he could about divorce law. Now that people are getting the cure, it seems they want a divorce or if you are rich you want an annulment. It does not matter that you made a vow of until death do us part. When you made this vow you never expected that you and your spouse would live for another 100 + years. You are going to live virtually forever, so why be with the same person for the next 100+ years. This book is worth checking out. Who knows The Postmortal just may live on your bookshelf forever!


Unknown said…
I'm not much of a sci fi fan but your review has given me something to think about.
Cheryl said…
Dana- I am the same way, usually most sci fi novels can come off as unbelieveable and corny but there are a few every once in a while that are not bad.

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