Deeply Devoted is worthy your money and time.

Peter Andersen is a farmer in Wyoming. His mother has been pressuring him to get married. Since the ratio of men to women in Wyoming is about five to one, Peter decides to put an ad in the newspaper for a bride. Catherine Olsen answers the ad. Soon she and Peter are communicating with each other be mail. Catherine is about to meet Peter for the first time. And because Catherine is the only caregiver to her sisters, Greta and Anna, she is bring them along as well. Hopefully, Peter has the room for two extra people.

Deeply Devoted is book one in the Blue Willow Brides series. I like reading about the old West. One of the things I also find fascinating is reading stories about mail order brides. I have only read a hand full of these stories but I enjoy them. I thought that Mrs. Brendan did a wonderful job of portraying the West and the characters. I didn’t really have a favorite person in this story as I liked them all. Each person was unique in their own way. Out of the three sisters, Catherine was the most reserved. Though, she really did try hard to adapt to being a farmer’s wife in the West. Though this book is published by a Christian publisher, it is not preachy in any way. The only thing I would say is that the romance is more on the sweet side than spicy. Deeply Devoted is worthy your money and time.

“Available September 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”


Unknown said…
I love both sweet romance and the old west. I'll be looking out for this one.
Cheryl said…
Dana- I think that you will like it

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