The Diviners

Review by Nancy

“Mistress Sandra Spicer You will be assayed. By order of: the Diviners' Guild.”
Several people get this note on the same day. Sandra is one of them, Mick, Felix, Karen round out the list. Exactly who/what the Diviner’s Guild is remains to be seen. Whoever they are, those people either are escapees from “Hellraiser” or on some serious medications!

This has to be the oddest book I have ever read and that’s saying something, trust me! We have people floating in pools missing more body parts by the minute. We have Mick, nice enough guy, bathing in the blood of his downstairs neighbor (who, of course, he just killed). I’m not even going to try to explain what happens with Karen – you’ll just have to read it. Sandra is really the heart of most of the issues – the book begins in her childhood which was a paradise compared to what happens in their small town of Sanding. Her patient, Howard, seems to be obsessed with her, even after death. Unless he really isn’t….dead I mean.

As I wrote, if you are faint of heart, afraid of small noises in the dark or a child best pass this one up. If you loved “Hellraiser”, “Ju-on” or “The Ring” this is your new fav read!


Marce said…
That cover is dreamy. You have piqued my interest.

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