Children of Paranoia is one of the best books of 2011!

Joseph fights for the other side. There is a war going on and you are either on one side or the other. Neither side is really the good guys as they all kill. It is kill or be killed. There are some rules that both sides do have to obey. Yes, even wars have rules. If there were no rules there would be chaos and no one would win. There are three important rules:

Rule 1 – No killing innocent bystanders. If you do, the punishment is death.

Rule 2 – No killing anyone under the age of eighteen. This is because you are an adult at eighteen. In the meantime that does not mean you can not train to fight the other side.

Rule 3- You can’t have kids until you turn eighteen. This rule is important because if you do have a child when you are not eighteen than you will have to forfeit your child to the other side. You may someday be fighting against your own child.

Joseph is one of the best. That is why when his boss has a very important mission, he asks Joseph to go. There is just one glitch that even Joseph did not see coming. Her name is Maria. Soon Joseph and Maria are a couple. As we all know there is no happy ending. Joseph and Maria find themselves on the run.

Children of Paranoia is one of the best books of 2011! I was so enthralled by this book that you would have literally had to pry it from my hands to get my attention. This book would make a great movie. I could picture it now on the big screen.

I became emotionally invested in Joseph and Maria. They were just wanting a normal life and to be happy in a chaotic world. I was walking around my house reading this book. The ending did not let me down. In fact it promises another book. The next book can not come fast enough. Even though Joseph was a hard nosed killer, I liked him. He felt more and more human as the story line moved along. Maria was so innocent. I could see why Joseph felt the need to protect her. She was like a delicate flower. By the end of the book, it looks like Maria will become a rose with thorns in the next book. Again, another reason why I can not wait for book two to come out.


Trevor said…
Thanks for the wonderful review Cheryl.

-Trevor Shane

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