This book was flawless like a gem…it sparkled and shined.

Vivienne, Alexander, Gareth and Gwyneth’s father has passed away. It is now time for the reading of the will. Vivienne does not know what the will has in it as she was adopted. Luckily for Vivienne, her father loved her like his own and left her something. Actually their father left them all something, only there is a catch. Each of the siblings has to work for their fortune at different businesses. The businesses are failing and the siblings must make them successful within two years. If the siblings do so than they each will receive one million dollars but if the siblings refuse this offer than all they will receive is five hundred dollars.

Vivienne is to manage the Christie Diamond Brokerage House in Kimberley, Cape Colony in Africa. Vivienne thinks this is the perfect plan. She is stuck in a bad marriage and it costs money to keep up with her life style. She leaves her husband, Viscount Bancroft, Miles Durham behind. Vivienne should have realized that it would not be so easy to get rid of Miles. Miles plans to teach Vivienne a lesson.

Miles became even better when he adapted to his environment and got dirty. He was like Indiana Jones…rough, tall, handsome, and even carried a whip. He knew just how to get under Vivienne skin and push all the right buttons. It was entertaining. I could not wait to see what Miles would do next. Vivienne was a strong woman. This was great because if she was a wilting flower than I would not have believed that Miles and her belonged together. The build up until they both gave in was steamy. Or course this book was not just all about the romance, there was a good story line to go along with it. I can not wait to read Alexander’s story next. This book was flawless like a gem…it sparkled and shined.


Anonymous said…
I haven't read anything by Carrie Lofty. This one does sound tempting though.
Cheryl said…
Carol- I read one other book by this author but it was a medivial type and I liked it but I really like the beginning of this new series.

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