Fans of Blue will enjoy this short story.

If you have read Blue by author Lou Aronica and loved the magical world of Tamarisk and missed Chris, Becky and Princess Miea than you are in for a treat. Mr. Aronica has written a prequel to Blue titled Until Again. This short book takes readers back to where it all began.

In this book, Chris and his wife are getting a divorce. Becky and her father, Chris only have one night a week with each other. Though, that is not much time, Chris cherishes every moment he has with Becky and this includes their story time. Chris has been telling Becky about the land of Tamarisk and the Princess Miea.

I grew close to Chris and Becky in Blue, so it was nice to revisit with them again, even if it was for a brief bit. To be honest, I never really gave much thought to going back in time and wondering what started Blue off. Mr. Aronica was that good of an author that I didn’t have questions. Though after reading Until Again, I am glad, Mr. Aronica wrote this book. I could get a much broader overall picture of Tamarisk and the characters. Until Again is a nice prequel. Fans of Blue will enjoy this short story.

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