Review by Nancy

Kate was, at best, skeptical. At least she was willing to go to Scotland to scatter her mother’s ashes. She’s been having dreams her entire life, but lately they’d stepped up a bit. A gorgeous man, a medieval court, words of love and lust, and Kate was in them as well. Stupefying.

Scotland is beautiful and terrifying. Her mother is still remembered in the village and, her mother still lives in the village (you’ll see!). Kate meets a very nice man name Niall McCormack who tightens all her muscles and seems willing to do more, but Kate has always been “guy-shy” and won’t change willingly. Niall is a scholar of history and takes Kate to The MacKendrick’s home to view his ancestral documents and pictures. A great opportunity for Kate until she finds herself in a huge portrait hanging in his hall!

Catriona – the MacKendrick’s wife. Kate? It seems a possibility that all of Kate’s dreams will culminate in Scotland on the Shetland Islands. Right where Catriona’s did. Catriona’s main mission was to save her younger brother, not fall in love with Patrick MacKendrick. Did she? Either of those??

In a skillfully written historical jaunt we are flipped back and forth between Catriona’s history and Kate’s modern day puzzles without a hitch. The pipes play in the background as clothes all hither and thither and we learn much about Scotland’s history as well as that of the ladies. Well done!


Unknown said…
Sounds like a mysterious set of circumstances. I'll have to check this out.

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