Utterly Charming is a fun, unique twist on a classic story.

Nora Barr manages her own law firm. Only business is really slow. So slow in fact that if Nora does not get some clients soon than she will be forced to go out of business and work for another law firm. This is Nora’s lucky or maybe unlucky day.

Aethelstan Blackstone is a mage or a wizard. He and his associate Sancho Panza ( I know but this is really his name) are in need of an attorney. Blackstone and Sleeping Beatuy aka Emma (hey, this is not your classic fairy tale) are suppose to be together but Emma’s guardian will have no part of the arrangement. Thus, this is why Blackstone needs an attorney. He wants to fight Emma’s guardian.

Utterly Charming is a fun, unique twist on a classic story. The only bad thing I had to really say about this book is that I was craving a little more romance between Blackstone and Nora. For a romance book, there was not much going on in that department except for some eye glazing and some kisses. Other than this, I enjoyed this book. I thought Santo kind of stole the show. I liked his brass attitude and he was not afraid to say it like it was. I felt a little sorry for Emma. I can not imagine being in a coma and than waking up in the 21st century.


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