The Mark of Perillius: Sinexia, Book One

Review by Nancy

While growing up an orphan, Emberillius never dreamed he had a destiny. He had no clue he would end up a savior of Earth and he certainly didn’t know the Headmaster at his school was also his uncle. Nope, Emberillius Ash Jackson was a normal, sixteen year old until…..his uncle takes him off Hawaii to meet scientists, researchers and the like and he is whisked into a land called Sinexia to learn how to save Earth and Sinexia as well. He must stay there for 9 long years.

This story is a tale of growing up, facing fears and a little boy still looking for his mother. “Ash,” as he likes to be called, makes both friends and serious enemies on his travels. He is accompanied by a guardian named Solaria who is far superior to plain old humans and a martial arts trained named Major Minor (really). He also has a dog named Hurricane who is a lot more than he seems. Together this group sets out to learn of Sinexia, meeting many more friends along the way.

And that is my problem with this tale: it is interesting, really well written and I think a younger person would absolutely love it but I had issues with characters with names like Major Minor and Simperella. Great people but really bad names. I also thought there were too many characters and they were hard to keep track of. I loved the plot, I loved the backgrounds of each person/thing and you might be really happy with a huge cast. Give it a try, it is the first in a series of twelve!

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