The Outer Edge of Heaven

Review by Nancy
Charlie Evans was a good girl. She avoided her mother and father as much as possible because her plan for her future didn’t match theirs by far more than a county mile. Her best friend since forever, “Fo” Forest Eldridge, was in her corner, even had a plan for helping her avoid going back East for summer vacation.

If Charlie joins him working on his uncle’s ranch in Montana. She couldn’t buck bales but she could ride herd over the younger kids. She was fine with that, being a natural Mom at heart – even if her parents were sure she would marry Elroy the divorce lawyer when she finished at BYU Law School which she didn’t want to go to any more than she wanted to marry Elroy.

But Fo’s cousin Luke had her wish she could stay in Montana ranch country and especially on the Langston family ranch where she could talk with him daily. He was committed to Lindie, the girl his older brother got pregnant; because that’s what Luke did, he fixed things for everyone. No one seemed to want to fix things for Luke, though.

Charlie meets up with an ornery cowboy, Lindie doesn’t want to get married, Charlie’s parents show up with Elroy in tow and Wilbur learns to escape! What more could you ask for in an absolutely splendid story of Christianity and love?

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