Amanda Lee stitches up a fun, quick, enjoyable read with Thread Reckoning!

Marcy Singer is the owner of the Seven Year Stitch, an embroidery shop. Marcy’s newest client is Cassandra Wainwright. One of the worst bridezilla’s that Marcy has ever met. Marcy is making a wedding dress for Cassandra. Cassandra’s soon to be mother-in-law has donated some jewels to be added to the dress. Things turn sour when Cassandra’s mother-in-law is found dead in front of the shop. As if the situation could get any worse, Marcy’s ex, David arrives in town and wants Marcy back.

Calling all cozy mystery fans. If you have not read the Embroidery Mystery series yet, than you are missing out. If you have read this series, than you will like Thread Reckoning, the latest book in the series. Marcy is a delight. She reminded me a little bit like Nancy Drew. She could not stay out of trying to solve the murder and she can not help but haul all of her friends into her investigation.

There is not a lot of stitching going on but it is kind of hard to get any done with a dead body on your front step and you named as a person of interest. The reason that I mention there not being a lot of stitch work is because that is one thing that I would have liked to see in a book that makes reference to embroidery work. There was one point in the book that I did smile about. It was when one of the ladies that Marcy teaches, made a mistake in her embroidery project and wanted Marcy to fix it for her. Marcy brought the woman over to look at one of Marcy’s pieces and asked the woman to pick out Marcy’s mistake and the woman could not. Marcy said there is a mistake but that only Marcy and the woman would ever know about it. Anyone who has done embroidery work has learned to accept mistakes as giving their piece uniqueness. I know I sure have learned this lesson or I would never do cross stitch/embroidery work again, if I didn’t learn to deal with my mistakes. Overall, I did enjoy this book. Amanda Lee stitches up a fun, quick, enjoyable read with Thread Reckoning!


Dana said…
I love the cover. I've not heard of this author but she sounds good.

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