The Hazards of Hunting While Heartbroken

Review by Nancy

Zoe Clark wasn’t having the best year. A week before her wedding her fiancé (and housemate of over 10 years) finally “comes out.” Then he uses the paper they had chosen for invitations for invitations for his upcoming nuptials to: his boyfriend.
Zoe works as a headhunter for possibly the most manic woman I’ve ever read about. Carol is nuts. Totally. It seems as though her life’s mission is to take her employees into the asylum with her. But for some reason, Zoe is a favored child and, since she did triumph in getting a lawyer to sign and earn the company over 600K in signing bonuses, she is let off the hook (sort of).

Then come the flowers from a secret admirer across the way who seems too good to be true. Remember what your mom always told you? This would have been a good time to listen. Still, Oscar wines and dines Zoe, goes home to meet her nutso family on Thanksgiving and proposes to her in front of them!

In the background are Kevin and Angela. College best friends and confidantes. Angela is a hard working, hard loving account executive and Kevin is currently managing the campaign for the hopefully the next mayor of New York. Too bad they can’t manage themselves as well!

Mari Passananti has written a fabulous debut novel about love, careers in the Big Apple and secrets. The characters are well-written and very true to life. The background stories are great and I absolutely loved Carol, the manic from hell. Here’s to many more Passananti tales!


Unknown said…
Sounds like a fun book. I loved your review. Good job.
Cheryl said…
Dana- The review was written by Nancy and I will tell you you liked it.

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