Riptide is smoking hot!

Princess Bria Visconti has traveled from California all the way to Morocco. Her brother made an bad investment and Bria aims to get the money back and she will not leave until she has every last cent, she is owed.

The moment that Nick Cutter sees Bria, he knows trouble when he sees it and Bria is trouble with a capital T. Bria boards the Scorpion demanding what is her’s. Nick says that if she wants her money than she will have to haul it back up form the ocean floor. This will be one interesting treasure hunt.

Riptide is the second book in author, Cherry Adair’s new series about high-sea treasure hunting called Cutter Cay. Riptide is smoking hot! You could tell that Bria and Nick shared chemistry. It was a good thing they were always near water as there were a few times that they needed to jump in and cool down. I was glad to see though that Bria was strong and could hold her own against the bad guys. Just like Nick, I was afraid that Bria would be spoiled. There was plenty of action to be found in this book as well. It was not all just romance. I can not wait to hit the high seas with the next book in this series.


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