Cruising Toward Love

Review by Nancy (Is this cover hot or what!)

In Cruising Toward Love, Christi Barth has brought together four people who are destined for trouble. Trouble of various kinds, in fact! Zoe Balis was stood up at her Senior Prom ten years ago by the only man she’d ever loved. Nate Hyatt was that man. Never planning on seeing Zoe again – ever. When Zoe’s sister plans a wedding, nothing will do but that Nate is Alex’ best man and, of course; sister Zoe will be Maid of Honor. Ah…..if that were all they had to do. Somehow Alex changes his mind, runs off and sends Nate to tell Stella the psycho bride the wedding is off on the morning of the event.

Stella handles things fairly well and decides that, since Zoe has done all she’s done for the wedding that she should take Stella’s cruise ticket and a vacation to the Carribean. Guess who Alex gave his ticket to? Yep, ya got it in one.
The first person Zoe meets is Callie Caldwell, VERY rich woman and computer geek on her first vacation in awhile. Callie takes over Zoe’s life and keeps her busy keeping up until Zoe meets her cabin mate. Then sparks of many kinds begin to fly.

Callie, girl wizard, is really lonely and looking for something. When she meets the ship’s photographer she sees something behind his glasses that pulls her. Until he tosses her on the floor one night when he hears a bang. PSTD is Reed’s companion and he needs a way out of it. Can Callie provide it or will he break her wrist like he did his last girlfriend’s?

Add in the fact that someone really, really wants Zoe’s Grandma Eleni’s necklace and you have a funny, sexy mystery comedy all rolled into one. This book was great!

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