Deadly Straits. Go get this one, right now!

Review by Nancy

In a book that takes no prisoners, RE McDermott tells a tale of high seas terrorism and tells it well. Thomas Dugan and his friend Alex Kairouz are partners and friends. Alex takes care of the details on paper and Tom takes care of ship inspection and assorted other things – like espionage. When Alex seems distracted, Tom knows something’s up but not what. He has no idea that Alex’ daughter is being threatened by the firm’s “new hire” if things don’t go the right away.

Meanwhile, terrorists have taken over several ships with plans to blow them up where it will make the most impact. These guys are scary and so methodical I would be proud of their coordination if I could be. It reads all too close to home and current history to be comfortable but it reads all too well to be put down.

At times, it is a bit confusing to tell which crew and which ship is in the action, but other than that this is definitely an up-all-nighter. Mr. McDermott knows ships and he knows people and definitely has a grand idea of terrorism. I was riveted and could not put this down. Waiting to see if Alex’ daughter survives, if the ships crews do and if Dugan lives to save the day. Go get this one, right now!


Unknown said…
Sounds like a fast paced, fun read. Great review as always.

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