What a Goddess Wants

Tess is Goddess of the Dawn. She is seeking protection. The demon of the underworld is trying to steal all of her people’s powers…particularly the goddess’s powers. The demon has already stolen one goddess’s powers. The demon is after Tess.

Caligo is a mighty Cimmerian warrior. After his last job, where Caligo ended up in a coma for two days. He is not on trusting terms with any woman, no matter how beautiful she is. Though, Caligo can not help but want to help Tess, especially when he sees the danger is real. There is just one catch. Tess draws her strength from sex.

This book had sizzle when it came to the love making between Tess and Caligo. Though the book was a little laggy to get moving. It seemed that there was a lot of explaining about where Tess came from, who Caligo was and why a demon was after Tess. Tess was more of a goddess in the bedroom than she was in real life. She was a damsel in distress and she was lucky to have Caligo protecting her. Every once in a while, Caligo would bring some comedic relief. The fight scene was over too quickly. The demon was suppose to be this book bad guy and Caligo was about to defeat him fast. This book would make a fun, beach read.


Melissa said…
She draws her strength from sex..ok, I have to read this now.

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