A Small Fortune

Celia’s husband, Jonathon suggests that she, him and their sixteen year old son, Oliver go to Mexico for a family vacation. It has been a long time since they have been on a vacation. When Ceia arrives in Mexico, it does not take her long to get into vacation mode. While out by the swimming pool, Celia meets Benico. He seems like a nice man. Celia and Benico talk until Jonathon arrives and than Benico leaves.

The next day, Celia goes for a morning jog. Afterwards, Celia goes for a swim, It is while she is swimming that she spots Benico again. Benico calls for Celia and tells her that he has been looking for her. Her son, Oliver has been in an accident and she must come quickly. He will drive her. The next thing Celia is aware of is that she awakes to find herself tied up to a chair and people demanding money or else.

A Small Fortune is the first novel from a new author, Audrey Braun. I must admit that this book sounded good but at the same time I was not sure how much I would like it. I must admit that I was still on the fence until about chapter five. I thought, in the beginning, ok, here is a couple who does not communicate anymore and they are going away to rekindle their romance. Fine but I hope it is not all about romance as I don’t like that to be the main focus in my suspense novels. There was some romance involving Celia, though I was not really feeling the chemistry and spark. The people who kidnapped Celia are vicious and can be violent. There was lots of action. It was constant throughout the book. Though, if the characters had come alive more for me in the book, I probably would have put all the pieces of the puzzle together a lot sooner. Still a book that is worth spending a small fortune to read.


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