5 Conversations you must have with your son

I must admit that when I was sent a copy of this book that I was not sure about reading it. I don’t have any children but I do have nephews. I like that Mrs. Courtney shares during the introduction that she is not an expert on children but just a mom. This started off the book in the right step for me. I don’t want to read about someone preaching to me about the do’s and don’t on how to raise a child.

Vicki Courtney breaks this book up into five different conversations…”Don’t define manhood by the culture’s wimpy standards. It’s ok to be a man! Conversation two” What you don’t learn to conquer may become your master. Conversation three” Not everyone is doing it! (And other naked truths about sex you won’t hear in the locker room) Conversation four” Boyhood is only for a season. P.S. It’s time to grow up! Conversation five “Godly men are ion short supply. Dare to become one! Each conversation is than broken down into chapters. Mrs. Courtney does good job of touching on each conversation and how it relates to present day. She gives helpful tips, references to information and even shares about her own stories about her sons. While, I do not have any children, for anyone who does or grandparents this book is worth checking out.


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I have two brothers, there is a big age gap between us. this made me smile, i think i'll be directing my mum towards it - she needs all the help she can get after bringing up a girl!! :)


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