Tell Me About That Horse is a book to be shared with that horse lover in your life.

I have been a horse lover for a long time. I may not be an extreme horse lover as I have never owned a horse but I enjoy reading about them and watching movies about them. I wanted to own a horse when I was younger but after really getting a feel for how much work they really are, I was fine to be a bystander. I have met some nice horses and some mean ones as well. So, when I saw this book, I thought I have to check this book out. I am glad that I did.

Mr. Wilson did a wonderful job with this compilation of stories. Every person that he interviewed had great stories of their one favorite horse or in some of the people’s cases; it was several horses or even a donkey or two. Like for instance in the case of Pam Minick’s story. I enjoyed reading about how when Pam and her sister were younger, their mother purchased two horses for them. Coming from a non horse family and they did not really know the first thing about horses but they came to learn and care for them. In fact, Pam’s father used to call the horses “dunkeys” and not even the correct pronunciation of “donkey” Of course, I also enjoyed reading about Charlie Daniel’s story and Michael Martin Murphy’s story as well. These are two of my favorite guys. The illustrations, which I think was too simple a word to call them. I would call them masterpieces were grand. They really captured the essence of the people. Tell Me About That Horse is a book to be shared with that horse lover in your life.


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