Why China will Never Rule the World

It was obvious Mr. Parfitt is knowledgeable about China and not just someone interjecting their thoughts about what’s wrong with the country, but rather explaining the reason why things are the way they are. Or course, this came a little later in the book. First, Mr. Parfitt goes into detail about the country’s culture, history, and national psyche. On the one hand, I liked the detail as it was as though I were in China and could see, touch and smell it. On the other, there was so much detail that at times it was like reading a history book, and I would gloss over sections. The one constant was that I got a good feel for what the real China is – in language I could understand. What I took away from this book was that China, though a major manufacturer, will not overtake the US because it is stuck in its old culture and ways. Until China truly progresses and is ready to let go of its old culture and ways, it will never be as advanced as the US. Why China will Never Rule the World is an enlightening book.


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