I've Never Met an Idiot on the River

I must admit that this book was sent to me with on accident, along with some other books I wanted to read. This book is not something I would typically think to read but I remember watching Happy Days, when it was showing reruns. I am not old enough to have watched the original, when it was airing. So because I enjoyed watching Happy Days, I decided to give this book a try. It was nice to get to know Mr. Winkler a little more better on a personal bases as to who the “real” Henry Winkler is and not the one that everyone thinks they know as “Fonzie”.

Mr. Winkler is a normal, laid-back type of guy. He is a good family man, husband, fisherman and photographer. Mr. Winkler is also someone who has Dyslexia. He found that fishing is one hobby that he enjoys but it also helps calm his brain. Another thing that Mr. Winkler is good at…photography. The pictures he took was like looking through a family album. All the talk that Mr. Winkler went on about Firehole Ranch in Montana makes me want to go there. As much as I did like this book, there was only so much I could take about talk about fishing. Which is pretty much all that Mr. Winkler shared about himself. Don't be expecting a big fish story in this book.


Anonymous said…
This actually sounds like one my husband would enjoy.
Unknown said…
Haha..Awesome cover! Everything else you describe, makes it seem like a book I'd love.I loved this book for the beauty of the writing!
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