100 Puzzle Quizzes

Review by Nancy

Well. This was an entirely new genre for me and what a fun one it turned out to be! An e-book full of puzzles was one of the last things I thought I’d ever be asked to review but…there you have it.

The Grabarchuk’s have created a fun book for any puzzle-inclined older child or adult to spend some time with. Some of those puzzles are really hard (at least for me) but you are encouraged to try again if you pick the wrong answer. Did I tell you I sucked at Geometry? There are, as promised, 100 puzzles to pick and choose from and I think so far my favorite is one Trimino Sums. I actually got that one right!

This book is only for Kindles but there is a Kindle app you can download so by-pass that little detail. Go ahead…have fun!

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