The Full Moon Bride is a book that you will say “I Do” to over again and again!

Soorya Giri is a smart, educated, young woman. Soorya Giri went to college and became a lawyer. Though Soorya Giri may seem like she has everything, there is one thing that she desires more…a husband.

The Full Moon Bride is the latest novel from author, Shobhan Bantwal. If you like Indian culture and stories than you have to check this author out. I have been reading Mrs. Bantwal’s books for a while. Each one brings something different to the table but almost always Mrs. Bantwal sticks to her roots of being raised in India and adds her influence to her books and characters. The women in each book are strong and independent. This is not something you would probably typically associate with the women of this country but being strong does not always mean being loud. I must admit that the last book I did not care for but this book is a step in the right direction again as to why I like this author.

After seeing how much trouble Soorya Giri went though to find a husband, she was almost better off having an arranged marriage. If she had, she would have avoided all the drama and losers she had to meet. Of course, if this had happened than I would not have gotten to know Soorya Giri as well as I did. As I was reading this book I could not help but notice how much detail Soorya Giri got when she explained things. Soorya Giri tells the story from her perspective. The Full Moon Bride is a book that you will say “I Do” to over again and again!


B.T. Hoskins said…
That cover is beautiful, sounds like one to add to my TBR collection.
Unknown said…
I'm loving the idea of this book. It now on my TBR list.

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