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Mariah Carpenter had just taken a bunch of pills. The bottle in her hand felt heavy. One more time. Mariah Carpenter replaced the bottle on the nightstand and padded silently through her shadowy apartment. Moonlight cast uneven shadows on everything it touched. No need to turn on the lights: she could walk here blindfolded. She wants to commit suicide. Though, Mariah awakes to find that she is not dead. In fact, it seems that though the ordeal, Mariah has the psychic ability to communicate with children. Of course, these are not any children. These children have been kidnapped. It stated with Amanda. Mariah saw the news story on her and the next thing she knew, she was about to talk to Amanda and notify the police where Amanda was. Mariah soon becomes a celebrity. She is both praised and feared for her gift.

Chosen is the first book in the Line of Descent series. The next book is called Prophecy. I thought Mariah was an intriguing character. It was nice to watch her ability grow as the story progressed. As Mariah embraced her gift, she was able to do other things with it. The story moved fast. Though, I liked this book and Mariah’s ability. I would have liked the story to focus a little more on her gift. I got to see what Mariah could do but more as a passing glance than the focal point. Other than this little issue, I enjoyed the book. Chosen reminded me of a cross between the movies, Stigmata and The Eye.

I have a copy of this book to giveaway. Open to US and Canada. Leave a comment as to why you would like to win this book with your email address. Contest ends July 12th.

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Spaz said…
Sounds interesting! I'm trying to branch out of the usual sci-fi and fantasy that I mostly read. This sounds like a bit of a supernatural thriller, though with the supernatural bits kinda marginalized. I think I'd enjoy it!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said…
This sounds kinda creepy, but good. I would love to read it... thanks for the giveaway!

vanessanicole21 at yahoo dot com
Sharon said…
This book sounds like something I'd really enjoy. I'd love a chance to win it.

Sharn3960 (@) comcast . net
Liz said…
I would definetley read this novel. Sounds creepy and very interesting. The fact that she can talk to kidnapped children is pretty awesome.
Thanks for the opportunity :)

Julie S said…
Wow this sounds really interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.
Unknown said…
Oh me, I want to win! I love books with 'gifted' protagonists. And what a great 'gift' to have!
BrittanyGale said…
It sounds really interesting and I'd love a chance to read it!

Anonymous said…
I'm kinda new to all this. I recommend books to people at our library and I'm running out of ideas. I have never read this author, although it looks like something I would like. I would love to read it and then donate to the library where I work. Would make a good new edition!
Cheryl said…
Would love a chance to read this one. Thanks for the giveaway.


Cheryl said…
Feeling very dopey. I guess I can't read dates. LOL!

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