Deed to Death

Toni Matthews is about to get married to her fiancé, Scott Chadwick. They are to get married tomorrow. Toni has a closing today. Toni is a real estate broker. Toni accidentally left her briefcase in Scott’s car. It has all the paperwork she needs for today’s deal. Toni has been trying to call Scott and he is not answering his cell phone. Toni decides to drive over to the new construction site that Scott is working at and pick up her briefcase. There are police cars and an ambulance at the site when Toni arrives. This is because Scott is dead. The police believe that Scott took a header off the top of the unfinished hotel that he was building. Toni does not believe that Scott would take his own life. Neither does Scott’s best friend, Mark Ross. Together Toni and Mark hope to uncover the real truth behind Scott’s death.

Deed for Death is more of a cozy mystery than a suspense/thriller mystery. The murder was brief, the plot didn’t have a lot of surprises…main female character falls for fiancé’s best friend, main suspect has to be the brother or relative that has lots of motive. The motive is pointed out step by step so that I am led to believe that it has to be the brother. Of course, I knew it was not the brother as it was the butler in the library with the candlestick. Ok all joking aside, you get what I mean by the fact that I would have liked the story line to be more original. Though, I do still enjoy a good cozy mystery every now and again. Deed for Death is a quick read. Author, D.B. Henson shows she can write. I am sure the next book will be better.


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