Blood Trust

Ali Carson is training to become an FBI agent. Ali’s dreams just may come crashing down faster than she can blink her eyes. Ali has just become the number one suspect in her boyfriend’s murder. All the clues point to Ali. Ali only has one person she can turn to and that is Jack McClure.

Jack knows that Ali is not a murderer. Jack agrees to help Ali. It seems that there is more to the murder than just a lover’s spat. Jack and Ali’s investigation leads them down a path filled with deceit, intrigue and an Albanian slave trade.

Blood Trust is the third Jack McClure and Ali Carson novel. Jack and Ali do make a good team. Jack is like Ali’s second father. He is protective but without being too much. At times I did feel like Ali tried too much to prove that she was more than just a “President’s Daughter”. There was non stop action though this book. It did have a little feel of Jason Bourne in it with all the action. As much as I do like the fact that the story line was constantly moving along as a rapid pace, for some reason this time I was not fully invested in this book. Some of this might have to do with the fact that I thought that was a lot of other side stories taking place that were a bit distracting. Example Jack’s dead daughter talking to him. While I understand Jack’s close relationship with her, I did not feel like it helped the story or that Jack was at his very best. This book was just middle of the road for me this time but I know that I will still check these books out.


Spaz said…
I was lucky enough to win a copy of Blood Trust as well as First Daughter. I've read First Daughter and enjoyed it, but I wonder how much I'd be missing if I go straight into Blood Trust without first reading the second book, Last Snow.

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