V for Vampire is a blood-sucking good time.

V is for Vampire is a fun, witty look at the Alphabet in a whole new light. Like for example did you know that A is for Arterial Spray and no matter how much a vampire might still nice in the moonlight or that he would only like a little bit; the vampire is really all about the arterial spray. Or that G is for Garlic and that vampires are not really allergic to it. In fact, what if I told you that the garlic trick was just some vampire’s sick joke to see how gullible humans really are. It worked. Finally… T is for Tombs for the Budget-Conscious. This applies to those vampires that are not wealthy. Warning, if you find an empty lot with the top of a motor home sticking out of the ground, do not investigate as this is more than likely the home of a vampire. Mr. Atomic is a very talented artist. The illustrations in this book were like something out of a classic black and white horror movie. To learn more about the Alphabet, than check out this book. V for Vampire is a blood-sucking good time.


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