Dr. Shelia Tao was having an affair with her teaching assistant, Ethan. When Shelia’s boyfriend proposed to her, Shelia decided to put the brakes on her and Ethan’s affair and call it quits. Unfortunately, Ethan did not take the news so well. Ethan is not someone to be used and than thrown away, when ever Shelia likes. Ethan will show Shelia that if he cannot have her that no one will not even her fiancé.

This book did not make me sit on the edge of my seat but it did keep most of my interest. The things Ethan did was more on the subtle side in the beginning. For example Ethan just went undercover to get to know more about Morris, sent Shelia a compromising photo, calling and texting. This to me was not too extreme or over the top. It was not until about the last half of the book when Ethan really showed his dark side. I had mixed feelings about Shelia. One hand, I liked that she did not back down from Ethan but on the other hand, Shelia did not have a lot of personality to her. I did not really see where having Shelia be a recovering sex addict really helped with the story. If this was to excuse Shelia for hooking up with Ethan in the first place, I was not feeling sorry for her. The ending though led up to the fact that I would see Shelia again. While, I did think this book had good potential, I do plan to check out the next book.


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