Pinch Me. This is a comedic book that will have you smiling the whole time

Lily Burns is twenty nine years old. She has yet to be married. This could be because both her mom and grandma have warned her that all men are evil and to never marry for love. If you are to marry, make sure it is to a ugly man. Lily has been dating Gogo for just a short period. Lily receives a surprise when Gogo proposes to at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Both Lily’s mother and grandma warn Lily that marrying Gogo will only lead to heart break. There is a curse on the women. If they marry a man for love than something will happen to him. The only way to have a man stay is to marry a ugly man. Lily does not believe in the curse but she will witness how true it is when she tells Gogo to pinch her as she cannot believe her good fortune that she has married a good man. As soon as Gogo pinches Lily, she is transported back to her house and Gogo does not remember Lily. Lily must find a way to break the curse or lose Gogo forever.

This is a comedic book that will have you smiling the whole time. The only way you could get me to stop reading this book was to “Pinch Me”. Lily’s mom and grandma were hilarious. My favorite moment in the book was when Lily informed her mom and grandma that she was getting married. The conversation went like this: “Why didn’t we force her into lesbianism?” Lily’s mom states. “Look, I am sorry, I ‘m not a lesbian. I tried for you, I did.” Lily responses. “We shouldn’t have named her Lily. It’s too pretty. I told you to name her something less attractive. What was wrong with Ethel cries Dolly, Lilly’s grandma. There were many more funny moments to be found in this book. Even the most wary readers of chick lit will fall in love with Pinch Me and author, Adena Halpern.


Unknown said…
Sounds fun! I have read one of Adena Halpern's other books and enjoyed it as well. I'll have to give this one a go.

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