Beach Lane is a book that is a good as warm, apple pie.

Susie O’Brien and Mack Franklin have been “just friends” for about three years. That is three years too long. Susie and Mack’s friends and family are putting the pressure on these two to admit that they are dating. Susie would like to take things to the next level but she is afraid that Mack sees her as just a good friend. She will not make the first move in case Mack does feel this way and than that will just ruin things between them. It just so happens that Mack is ready also to make things official with Susie. Unfortunately before Mack can do so, he loses his job and Susie receives some news that could change things between Mack and Susie forever.

Beach Lane is book seven in the Chesapeake Shores series. I have only read about one of two books in this series. This goes to show you that you can read them as stand alone novels and enjoy them, each on their own. I can tell you that even though I have not read all the books that fans of this series and of Susie and Mack, especially will enjoy this book. Susie and Mack make a great couple, now that they finally have made it official and went from single and just friends to a couple and dating. The people of Chesapeake Shores make me want to visit. They pull together when someone is in need and their bond is strong. Beach Lane is a book that is a good as warm, apple pie.


Cami Checketts said…
This sounds like a Cami book. Thanks for letting me know about the series.

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