19 Dragons

Review by Nancy

19 Dragons takes us into the future in a steampunk kinda way. The Dragons have kept humans on an fairly even keel for milleniums’ but now something has gone wrong. Badly wrong.

Posing as humans and in some cases posing for so long that the Dragon side of their lives has been forgotten, the 19 Dragons as being murdered by one of their own. Why? That’s for you to find out but let me say that although this novella is not very long, there is a lot of information here for you to digest. The murderer is quite clever and VERY persistent!

“New Haven” is the center of the world at this point and is surrounded by other countries and humans and each seems to be watched over by a Dragon. When the Dragons begin to die, so do their protected places.

If you read Six Moon Summer by this author I want to let you know that this book is nothing like that. And that isn’t at all a bad thing!


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