Black Ties and Lullabies

Bernadette Hogan works as a bodyguard. She has been celebrity Jeremy Bridges’s guard for a little while. This was part of the plan. No one would suspect that a woman would be a bodyguard. If it was not for the money, than Bernadette would have asked to be reassigned earlier. Jeremy is a womanizer.

Jeremy and Bernadette arrive back at Jeremy’s place one evening to find themselves in a comprising position. Afterwards, Bernadette quits. Jeremy believes that Bernadette will come back. When she doesn’t and he learns that she is pregnant, he must find a way to show Bernadette that he is in for the long hull and is ready to be a husband and father.

I have seen this author’s books around but have not gotten around to trying her out until now. I thought that this book was such a fun book to read. That is saying something when a book is fun to read. Bernadette was good. She did not take any crap from Jeremy, just because he is a celebrity. She called it like it was. Though, Jeremy did not want to admit it in the beginning but he liked Bernadette because she had brains. You would not tell that this is the type of woman that Jeremy liked from his past dating life. Jeremy turned out to be a good guy. He was only portrayed as a womanizer for a brief period in this book, which was nice. The rest of the time, I found him funny. He knew just how to get under Bernadette’s skin and he did it every time that he could but only in a way to show her how stubborn she was. Black Ties and Lullabies earns four stars!

Five Fun Facts
1. Jeremy Bridges, the multimillionaire hero of BLACK TIES AND LULLABIES, was a secondary character in HOT WHEELS AND HIGH HEELS. On a whim, I gave him a tough, no-nonsense female bodyguard, Bernadette Hogan, to be as much of a contrast to his flippant, womanizing ways as possible. At the time I had no idea that, in his story, she would become the woman he falls in love with.

2. After HOT WHEELS AND HIGH HEELS hit the shelves, I received more reader mail asking for Jeremy's story than for any other character I've ever written.

3. The character of Billy, Bernie's deadbeat cousin, was based on funny stories a former co worker of mine used to tell about the rather, uh…disreputable side of her family.

4. BLACK TIES AND LULLABIES is set in Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas that's said to have a higher humidity level than the towns surrounding it because there's a swimming pool in every backyard.

5. To generate comedy, drama, and all around conflict, I love to give my characters their worst nightmare and see how they respond. For a tough female bodyguard with no desire for motherhood and a rich playboy who swears he'll never marry, what could be a worse nightmare than pregnancy and parenthood? But it's funny, isn't it, how one of those "worst nightmares" can become the dream of a lifetime?


holdenj said…
Looks like a fun story. I always enjoy the inventive titles.

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