Clear a stop on your bookshelf for Sunset Bridge.

It was great to get to visit with the women of Happiness Key again. I must admit that I found Tracy and Wanda’s stories more interesting this time than the rest of the ladies stories. In Tracy’s case, I wanted to see how her and Marsh’s relationship would turn out, when he found out she was pregnant. I thought Tracy and Marsh made a good couple and wanted them to have a happy ending. In Wanda’s case, I don’t need to say any more about why I liked Wanda’s story other than Wanda’s Wonderful Pies. All the different pies that Wanda was coming up with was making my mouth water.

Author, Emilie Richards really brings to life the women of Happiness Key. Sunset Bridge is book three in this series. I would suggest reading these books in order, just because you are going to want to get to know them better and once you do they will become some of your best friends. I am sorry to see this series come to a end as I have enjoyed reading these books. Clear a stop on your bookshelf for Sunset Bridge. This book is like talking to your best friend! It is that good.


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