Fans of a good suspense/mystery novel will enjoy this book.

Skin Kadash is a former cop. He was recovering from a gun shot wound, only to learn that his girlfriend, Ruby Jane Whittaker has gone missing. What had Ruby gotten herself into? When Skin goes to Ruby’s apartment to find any sort of clue as to where Ruby is, Skin finds a dead man in Ruby’s bath tub. Skin decides to start off at Pete McKrall’s place. Pete is Ruby’s former boyfriend. On one hand, Skin hopes that he does not find Ruby with Pete but on the other hand if she is there than he and Ruby will have to figure out where they are in their relationship.

County Line is the first book I have read by this author. I could tell that these were reoccurring characters when I first starting reading this book. It started out with Skin staying at a quiet, retreat where he was recovering from a near fatal gunshot wound. Though, I have not read any of the previous books, I was able to reading this book with no problems. Skin really made this book for me. He is like a modern day outlaw. He takes no bull and does not hold back. Ruby could hold her own with Pete and Skin. I liked this because if Ruby was a weak female than I would not have felt the connection between Skin and her and wanted Skin to find her. This book is split into several different parts. The first part is about Skin and him trying to find Ruby. The next section flashes back in time to Ruby and her past to help clue the reader into what Ruby is hiding and running from. The last section brings the reader back to the present and tries all the loose ends up nicely. Fans of a good suspense/mystery novel will enjoy this book.


Unknown said…
Sounds interesting. Good review.

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