Book Review: What a Christmas Kerfluffle


Liz Bradford learned caution the hard way. Having been burnt once in love’s game, the successful business woman isn’t interested in playing again. Brave and independent, Liz is also well aware of the dangers offered to a woman traveling alone through the modern world. So, when she meets a handsome stranger on the train home, she’s perfectly willing to talk and even flirt… under a name that isn’t her own.

Max Harvelle’s first marriage soured him on the entire institution, but it didn’t turn him into a monk. Meeting the beautiful and intriguing “Sarah” on the train soon has him reconsidering his anti-woman sentiments. The thought of spending more time with her makes the obligatory family Christmas at the Bradford Inn – a place with painful memories for him – look almost promising.

But when conniving ex’s, meddling mothers and a seriously misguided bellhop turned wanna-be detective intrude on the budding relationship, can the romance survive the comedy of errors that follows?

My Review

The title of this book suits it just right. I found this book to be a charming and funny read. The characters even a bit quirky Even Liz and Max's first meeting was a bit awkward. Yet, this made for a very entertaining read that did keep my attention. Liz and Max do get their HEA but not before a bunch of disasters. The biggest being Max's ex-wife, Becca. Who I despised by the way. 

While, this story may be about Liz and Max, there was someone else that kind of show some of their thunder for me. It was the bellhop. The bellhop putting his detective skills to work to solve the mystery of "Who is Sarah? as well as the other mysteries happening at The Bradford Inn. 

So, if you are looking for a quick and charming read, you need to pick up a copy of this book. It is sure to delight. 

From mistaken identities and greedy former love interests to false murder accusations and interfering, grandbaby-fever driven moms, Max and Liz will have to fight hard, face their fears, and overcome their past pain to find each other and the love they both deserve.

Get your copy now to Max and Liz for Christmas in Madison County. You’ll be glad you did.


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